Zinc anodes

  • hemispheres Ø30 mm
  • balls Ø40 i Ø50 mm
  • plates (rolled and cast)
  • bars with elliptical cross-section

Zinc anodes are manufactured from the highest quality Z1 mark zinc (Zn content – 99.995%). Supply continuity and the highest quality is ensured by Zakład Górniczo-Hutniczy "Bolesław" S.A., the only producer of electrolytic zinc in Poland.

Chemical composition

TypeZN min (%)Permissible content of pollutants

Application - Zinc anodes (rolled plates, spheres, half-spheres, ribbed rods with an elliptical cross-section, cast) are used for galvanising steel components.

Packaging - Rolled anodes and ellipses are placed on a euro pallet, 1 ton for each. They are fastened together with plastic tape and the entire bundle is covered with film. Spheres are packed in cardboard boxes, 25 kg each, 40 boxes per 1 euro pallet, weight – about 1 ton, fully covered in film. Big-bag-type packaging available on the customer’s special request.


Zinc Sales Department


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