The Railway Transport Division

The Railway Transport Division (Zakład Transportu Kolejowego – ZTK) performs transport services within the ZGH Bolesław S.A. railway siding area, related to deliveries to the plant and subsidiary companies and consignments heading outside – of materials transported with railway carriages
Provided carriage services include:

  • formation of train units for railway carriers
  • moving train units from the railway siding to the train station
  • acollecting train units from railway carriers
  • handling entire train units and individual carriages
  • clearance and collection of railway consignments on the taking over/handing over track at the ZGH "Bolesław" railway siding
  • railway shipping
  • weighing on an electronic carriage scale and supervising the loading of consignments

ZTK owns 3 type SM-42 engines, including 2 adapted to move on PKP PLK S.A. railway tracks and a WM-15A motor draisine equipped in a ŻH-5A hydraulic crane.


Repair Works

ZTK Sp. Boltech Sp. z o.o. is certified as an entity in charge of maintenance (ECM) of freight wagons, with the certificate being issued by the Office of Rail Transport (UTK), and performs this function for ZGH Bolesław S.A.

ZTK Sp. Boltech Sp. z o.o. implemented a Maintenance Management System (MMS) for freight wagons and is responsible for the maintenance management of railway wagons owned by ZGH Bolesław S.A. – in accordance with maintenance system documentation (DSU) approved by the UTK

ZTK Sp. Boltech Sp. z o.o. performs railway infrastructure maintenance services, including current and general repairs of railway tracks and railway junctions.


Railway Transport Division


ul. Kolejowa 37, 32-332 Bukowno
tel.: +48 32 295 57 07
fax: +48 32 295 56 08