Polyurethane plowshares used in planetary mixers for concrete for mixing cement masses are highly resistant to the abrasive property of cement. If steel is used, it is simply worn out in a short time, whereas the polyurethane will last much longer.

Advantages of polyurethane over casting:

  • The weight of polyurethane blade is much lower
  • High resistance to sticking of the concrete of the polyurethane blade

Thanks to appropriately selected polyurethane parameters, our elements prove themselves very well in the extremely demanding concrete industry. Extensive experience and long-term cooperation with producers of ready-mixed concrete allow us to offer a wide range of products of the highest quality.

Our offer includes wear-resistant elements for manufacturers such as:

  • Sicoma
  • Zremb
  • Teka

We are able to make each element basing upon the ploughshare pattern you are interested in.