The Transport and Equipment Division provides services with respect to

  • Domestic and international road transport
  • Domestic and international shipping
  • Transport of ADR dangerous goods
  • Transport of loose materials

Conforming to the individual needs of our customers, we put a diverse vehicle fleet at your disposal

In domestic and international road transport:

  • Modern sets consisting of DAF, Renault trucks units with Schwarzmüller, Schmitz semi-trailers ( length: 13.6 m, carrying capacity: 24-25 t, 33 euro pallets, side, top and rear loading)
  • Modern DAF, Renault trucks units with Schwarzmüller, BODEX and MEGA self unloading semi-trailers - (carrying capacity 25 - 27t, cubic capacity - 50m3)
  • Self unloading lorries:
  • BODEX and MEGA self-unloading semi-trailers (carrying capacity - 25t - 27t, cubic capacity - 50m3)
  • Tippers with load capacity of 10–18 tonnes
  • Light commercial and passenger vehicles

Transport services offered by us are provided basing on:

  • A tracking system based on GPS technology, keeping watch over the safety of cargo entrusted to us
  • Direct contact with the driver or operator via the cellular network
  • Experienced and qualified cadre of drivers and operators
  • We have licenses for carrying dangerous goods (ADR) and waste.
  • Comprehensive insurance for the vehicle fleet and construction machines, and in particular carrier’s liability insurance in domestic and international transport

The above components make up the organisational and logistics system ensuring the safety and delivery timeliness of your cargo, and also immediate and accurate information about the current stage delivery. Transport and equipment services provided by our company are at a very high level, with proof in the form of another “Reliable Carrier Certificate” awarded to us.

Documents concerning transport

License to perform domestic road transport of goods

License to perform paid international road transport of goods

Carrier’s liability insurance in domestic transport

Carrier’s liability insurance in international transport

Transport and Equipment Division


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