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Owing to the experienced and highly qualified employees who improve their qualifications on a continuous basis and owing to the regularly modernised machinery park the Boltech Company can offer its customers services with respect to the following works:

• Renovation and technology including steel constructions, renovation of pumps, mining fans, balls and rod mills

• Plastic products such as PP and PE pipelines

• Renovation and construction including acid-resistant materials such as concrete or reinforced constructions, acid-resistant linings and resin-based chemical resistant coatings

• Renovation and service crane machines including repairs and continuous servicing of overhead cranes and hoists of different types

• Machining


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All works were and are performed by us in accordance with the sound engineering practice.

We have the following machinery park for machining:

• Lathes type TUR50; TUX50; TUD 50; TR70; TR10; TUR 630M, in range of machining elements of up to Ø 600 mm and length of the machined element of up to 6000 mm,

• Drills type GRU554; 2M55,

• Single and double beam boring lathes type 1615; 1512; D532 in range of machining elements of up to Ø 2900 mm and length of the machined elements of up to 1300 mm,

• Drilling and milling machines type W100A and 2620B with tables of 1000mm x 900mm; 1200mm x 1200mm,

• Milling machines type 2FY; FU400Y with table of 400mm x 1600mm,

• Slotting machines type 7405 with the possibility of making keyways of an external diameter of the machined material up to Ø 1400 mm and length of up to 300 mm with the pass through chiselling and full aperture for the slider of 700 mm,

• Guillotine shears able to cut elements which are of up to 16 mm thick and 3000 mm wide

• Grinder type SPG with the table dimensions of 300mm x 800mm,

• Hydraulic press of 50 Bar pressure, horizontal, for crimping and extruding separable elements of the following dimensions: width 1600 mm, length 3000 mm, height between the beams 700 mm,

• Threading machine type Landis CTR with the possibility of making threads on plain and ribbed bars of Ø up to 16 mm and 20 mm,

• Press for extruding the mining support washers of Ø 150 mm and the shape of the isosceles triangle made from 6 mm thick steel ,

• Hobbing machines with the possibility of milling to the M10 module and the diameter with the Ø 500 mm steady rest and without the steady rest of up to Ø 800 mm.


 thumbs rem usl 01 thumbs rem usl 05 thumbs rem usl 04 thumbs rem usl 02 

Sample works performed by us:

1. Repair works of roof skylights on the roof of the Bath Hall at the premises of ZGH Bolesław S.A. in Bukowno.

2. The renovation of the building foundations, load preparations No. 1 and 2 at the premises of ZGH Bolesław in Bukowno.

3. The execution of steel construction of the load preparation centre for the fluidized bed furnaces at the premises of ZGH Bolesław in Bukowno.

4. The renovation of ball and bar mills at the premises of ZGH Bolesław S.A. in Bukowno.

5. Works related to the construction of the Waelz Oxides Hall - construction works stage 4 for ZGH Bolesław S.A. in Bukowno.

6. Execution and construction of vortex breakers (paddles) in three mixers WX and performance and construction of stub tubes in four mixers WX for ZGH Bolesław S.A. in Bukowno.

7. Execution of process pipe systems in the node No. 3103 in the Oxide Hall for ZGH Bolesław S.A. in Bukowno.

8. Repair works of the crane bucket for Bolesław Recycling Sp. z o.o. in Bukowno.

9. Repair works of the gantry crane No. 3 in the scope of repairs including the crane drive mechanism and performance of traction at the 36 section with three double stakes and equipment for ZGH Bolesław S.A. in Bukowno.

10. Repair works of Ø 2700 mm classifiers for ZGH Bolesław S.A. in Bukowno.

11. Repair works of six 1st-degree purifiers for acid-resistant liners for ZGH Bolesław S.A. in Bukowno.

12. Repairs works of 100 Z2K pumps for ZGH Bolesław S.A. in Bukowno.

13. Execution of PP Ø 140 pipelines for ZGH Bolesław S.A. in Bukowno.

14. Repairs works of mining fans type WLE for ZGH Bolesław S.A. in Bukowno .


construction plant


Ul. Kolejowa 37
32-332 Bukowno
tel.: +48 32 295 57 58
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.