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Cookies Policy:

1. As a result of making content of the BOLTECH sp. z o.o. Internet service available we use so-called "cookies" which is information stored by servers on the terminal device of a user, which can be read by servers during each connection with the terminal device. Cookies may use other technologies which are similar in function or equivalent to cookies. In this document the information concerning cookies may also be relevant to similar technologies which are used for our Internet services. Cookies files (so-called "cookies") are the IT data, in particular, text files which are stored on the terminal device of a user of BOLTECH sp. z o.o. Internet service. Cookies typically contain the name of the domain of the Internet service they come from, information about the storage time on the terminal device and their unique number.

2. Cookies files are used for adjusting the content of the Internet service to the preferences of a user and optimizing the use of the Internet websites. In particular, such files make it possible to recognise the Internet service user's device and properly display the website which is tailored to their personal needs. It helps to produce statistics, which make it possible to understand how the service users use the Internet websites which enables to improve their design and content to keep the Internet user's session going on (after logging-in). Owing to this the user does not have to log-in and enter the password on every page of the website again and again. Users are provided with the advertisement which is better tailored to their interests.

3. Within the Internet service of BOLTECH sp. z o.o. the following types of cookies can be used: "necessary" cookies which make it possible to use services available within the Internet service such as authentication cookies which are used for services which need authentication within the service; cookies files which are used for security purposes e.g. used for detecting irregularities in terms of service authentication; cookies files which make it possible to collect information about the way the information from the websites is used; "functional" cookies files which make it possible to "save" the settings chosen by the user and personalise user's interface, e.g. as far as the language or region the user comes from is concerned, also in relation to the font size and the design of the Internet website, etc.; "advertising" cookies files make it possible for the users to be delivered the advertising content, which is better tailored to their interests.

4. In many cases the software used for browsing the Internet websites (Internet browser) enables to save and store cookies by default in the user's terminal device. Service users can change cookies settings at any time. The settings may be changed, in particular, in such a way that the automatic use of cookies is blocked in the web browser or each time there is information about placing them in the Internet service user's device. The detailed information on the possibility and the ways of using cookies is available in your software’s settings section (the browser). Failure to change cookies settings means they will be placed in the user's terminal device, thus we will store and access this information in the user's terminal device.

5. Disabling cookies may hinder using some services within our Internet services, in particular, those which require logging-in. However, disabling cookies will not result in the inability to read or view the content placed on the Internet service of BOLTECH sp. z o.o. with reservation to those which need logging-in to be accessed.

6. Cookies files can be placed in user's terminal device of the Internet service of BOLTECH sp. z o.o. and then used by the advertisers, research companies and multimedia application providers that cooperate with the service.

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BOLTECH Sp. z o.o.– member of ZGH BOLESŁAW Capital Group

The objectives of the company covered by the system include the production and sales of:

dolomite aggregates

polyurethane products

zinc products

The mission of our company is to provide our customers with top-quality products, ensure the lowest possible negative impact on the environment, take care of occupational health and safety at work as well as gain the trust of our customers.

In order to maintain the high level of satisfaction of our customers and meet all quality, environmental and occupational safety requirements we operate an Integrated Quality Management System based on the following standards: PN-EN ISO 9001:2009; PN-EN ISO 14001:2005; PN-N 18001:2004;

Being fully aware of the scale of hazards to the natural and working environment, the Company undertakes to:

• comply with all the regulations, in particular, the regulations concerning the occupational safety and hygiene and the environmental protection

• take actions aiming at limiting the adverse impact of the Company on the natural environment and preventing natural disasters

• continue to minimize risks related to threats identified in different plants and prevent any potential accidents at work and occupational diseases

• carry out regular inspections and evaluate the effectiveness of the Integrated Quality Management System

• improve qualifications, professional skills and employees' awareness and actively support any initiatives to improve the quality, safety and work hygiene and the environmental protection

• cooperate with all interested parties, in particular, with local authorities and societies

• comply with the requirements and continue to improve the Integrated Management System

All employees of BOLTECH Sp. z o.o. are aware of the content of this Policy Statement. Their work performance is the guarantee of maintaining the high level of provided services in a way that will be safe for human health and the environment obliging their guests and employees of other companies which conduct their business activity within the same area to do the same.

In pursuit of the objectives included in this Policy Statement the Company undertakes to provide all resources necessary for their implementation.